Blue Lake, Saint Bathans

In a remote part of Central Otago, about a 45 minute drive from Alexandra is the small historic town of Saint Bathans. Some historic buildings over a century-old can be seen in this once-busy gold mining town. The most famous of these buildings would have to be the Vulcan Hotel which is believed by some to be haunted.

Depite the interesting buildings it was the Blue Lake that enticed me out here. Even though this man-made lake is a product of the town's gold mining history, it is as beautiful as any natural lake in the area. The first time I came out here and saw the lake was on an autumn morning. It was a nice sight but I could tell straight away that photographing the Saint Bathans Blue Lake would be much better in the afternoon rather than in the morning.

So on one pleasant April afternoon I found myself back out here. It was a stunning place to be as it was quiet with hardly a sound and the beautiful lake was calm, reflecting the golden colours of the autumn trees by the edge of the lake.

Blue Lake on an autumn afternoon