Lake Tekapo lupins (lupines)

I had seen photos of Russell lupins (lupines for North Americans) at Lake Tekapo before and had always wanted to visit and photograph them when they were in bloom. Despite being beautiful, lupins are considered an invasive weed, so I always prefer asking staff at the I-Site rather than at the Department of Conservation if the lupins are in bloom.

In late November, once I was certain that the lupins were actually blooming at Lake Tekapo, I departed from Wellington on the ferry across to the South Island. I could only afford to spend two nights down in Lake Tekapo so I once I had exited the ferry in Picton at the top of the South Island, it would be a long 7 hour drive with only a few rest stops until I reached Lake Tekapo.

Lupins and Church of the Good Shepherd in the late afternoon

I was slightly nervous when I finally arrived at Lake Tekapo and saw the grey skies, doubtful if a great photo could be taken in such circumstances. Thankfully the sky cleared enough to allow me to get some great photographs of the Russel lupins and of course the famous Church of the Good Shepherd in the late afternoon light. Then there was a stunning light upon the mountains for sunset so I got to photograph perhaps one of the best displays of pinks, violets and purples that I will ever witness.

The next morning I went down to the lake's edge to get some nice photographs of lupins in the foreground and the surrounding mountains reflecting in a calm Lake Tekapo in the background. Later that day I returned to the lupins by the Church of the Good Shepherd for some good photographs at sunset but not as good as yesterday.

Lupins by Lake Tekapo at sunset