Aurora and autumn trees near Lake Tekapo
Southern end of Lake Alexandrina
The aurora at Lake Tekapo

You could be forgiven for thinking that Lake Tekapo is a place just to see and photograph the famous Church of the Good Shepherd against a beautiful clear night sky, but during autumn, the nearby Lake McGregor and Lake Alexandrina provide ample opportunities to photograph deciduous yellow trees.

The southern end of Lake Alexandrina is a magnificent spot to photograph autumn trees with all the rowing boats and kayaks to add as foreground interest. On a fine, calm day the lake reflects the yellow deciduous trees, making for a magnificent scene. If you want more superb views then head around to the eastern side of Lake Alexandrina and Lake McGregor. Although Lake McGregor is much smaller than Lake Alexandrina, it does offer some fantastic opportunities to use interesting rocks or boats in the foreground of your photographs.

I was lucky enough to be around Lake Tekapo on Sunday 23rd April when the Aurora Australis (The Southern Lights) was reasonably strong. The aurora was stunning and well worth standing in the same spot for 6 hours until the early hours of the morning in the freezing cold for.

Time after time my photos were ruined by car lights, torches and people walking in front of the church. Many people were using flash on their phones and ipads, trying to take handheld nighttime photographs.

If you want to come to the Church of the Good Shepherd and capture the brilliant night sky, especially when a strong aurora is forecast, then be patient and use a wide-angle lens or zoom out as much as you can on your camera.

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